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Türkiye Aile Hekimliği Dergisi TURKISH JOURNAL OF FAMILY PRACTICE - Türk Aile Hek Derg: 26 (1)
Volume: 26  Issue: 1 - 2022

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2.Advisory Board

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4.Instructions for Authors

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6.The Number of Chronic Diseases of Elderly People and Their Visits to a Family Health Centre: A Single Unit Retrospective Study
Abdulkadir Kaya, Zerrin Gamsızkan
doi: 10.54308/tahd.2022.22932  Pages 1 - 5

7.Fifth and Sixth Grade Medical Faculty Students’ Awareness About Melanoma: A Descriptive Study
Hilal Aksoy, Derya Demir Uyan, Kübra Dağcıoğlu, Merve Durmuş, Emre Sarı, İzzet Fidancı, Duygu Ayhan Başer, Mustafa Cankurtaran
doi: 10.54308/tahd.2022.29392  Pages 6 - 11

8.The Effect of Pregnancy School Training on Fear of Birth
Bahadır Yazıcıoğlu, Erdinç Yavuz
doi: 10.54308/tahd.2022.98608  Pages 12 - 16

9.Evaluation of the Relationship Between the Communication Skills of Family Physicians and their Approach to the Patient
Özlem Aynaoğlu Hakverdi
doi: 10.54308/tahd.2022.58561  Pages 17 - 24

10.A Case of Contact Dermatitis due to Disinfectant Use in COVID-19 Pandemic
İzzet Fidancı, Bilal Bulut, Hilal Aksoy, Duygu Ayhan Başer, Mustafa Cankurtaran
doi: 10.54308/tahd.2022.30092  Pages 25 - 27

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